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The San Antonio area is provided with natural water from the Edward’s Aquifer. The water is treated with chemicals that clean and disinfect so that it is safe for drinking and general use. However, not all contamination can be treated so generally, and the water still contains mineral deposits such as limestone, a product from the very source which provides us with our water.

The primary goal of water treatment is for health. We cannot live without drinking water, and we should not live without healthy drinking water. Water filtration and treatment can serve as an extra protective measure against contamination and disease that may have been missed or reintroduced into the drinking water that enters your home. We do not believe water should be clouded, or smell foul. We want to give you peace of mind and the reassurance that the quality of water you consume, as well as use to wash your hands and your food, is the best it can possibly be.

Beyond health, your water should be clean and free of minerals and other particles. The Edward’s Aquifer contains limestone, which is water-soluble and is in the water that runs through your pipes. As the water evaporates, the limestone is left behind, and slowly begins to build up around faucets, drains, hoses and shower heads. It leaves behind stains in bathtubs, sinks, on counter tops, and toilets. Cleaning is difficult and time-consuming, and often has to be done frequently. Not to mention these minerals end up in your clothes, on your dishes, and can irritate sensitive skin when bathing. Appliances become clogged and worn down from the deposits that build up in them. This is a standard problem for San Antonio and any area that uses the Edward’s Aquifer, and users of well-water have a similar problem with sulfur or iron. We can provide the best soft water solutions to help alleviate this annoyance, to keep your home running efficiently, cleanly, and for a longer period of time.

Our promise is to improve your quality of life by improving the quality of your water.


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