SAWS Report – Dirty water

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Water Quality Then & Now

Decades ago, locals understood the region’s success depended on clean and accessible water. That’s why water carrying ditches, known as acequias, were built alongside the river. These early residents fiercely protected the purity of the water. They even planted cactus plants along the acequias to keep animals out. The plentiful supply of water is attributed to a population boom in the 1890s. By 1920, the Edwards Aquifer was pumping more than 22 million gallons a day.


Many of our citizens take having clean water for granted. The Edwards Aquifer is our primary source for water. Whatever we put down storm drains or down the drain could eventually re-enter the water cycle. That is an overwhelming thought since we can’t control every action of our people.

Ask yourself, are you part of the solution or part of the problem? Here are the things in your water.   It’s an average of the top seven water quality concerns we all have to face.

The Offenders # of People Nationwide The Percentage
Bug spray fanatics 43 million 40%
Over fertilizers 38 million 35%
Chronic car washers 27 million 25%
Over-waterers 16 million 15%
Leaky, septic tank slackers 16 million 15%
Folks who don’t pick up after their pets 16 million 15%
Sloppy mechanics 3 million 1-5%
Source: Provisional estimates of potential residential polluters in the U.S. from The Terrene Institute.

That’s why it’s important to take understand how to keep a clean water supply.  In the meantime, you can ensure your water is pure and clean today.  Gaines Softwater is committed to delivering you the cleanest and healthiest water in your home.  Clean water is a vital part of our future. Let’s keep it that way.

SAWS Report – Dirty water
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